About Abdus Sobhan Salim


Abdus Sobhan Salim is a professional pharmaceutical blogger from Bangladesh, and he is the first Bangladeshi pharmaceutical blogger. After completing his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in 2012 from Primeasia University, he started his profession in the pharmaceutical industry. He started his blog in 2019 by sharing his pharmaceutical documentation knowledge on many platforms.

He started his blog journey under the name Pharma Boss. He writes and designs many articles on pharmaceutical topics related to Site Master files, QC documents, QA documents, production documents, microbiology documents, SOPs, STPs, cGMPs, and other regulatory guideline documents for pharmaceutical industries.

Documentation and writing on pharmaceuticals are his passions. It is important and helps the pharma sector.

You can join him on E-mail, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

About Pharma Boss

Pharma Boss was started in 2019 to provide information and knowledge to all pharmaceutical professionals. It is very helpful and supportive for pharma personnel and students, and it improves pharma knowledge. This is the first and most popular Bangladeshi pharmaceutical blog. It is an attractive blog designed using recent technology.

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