SOP for Cleaning of Sampling Tools

Learn how to write a procedure for cleaning of sampling tools used for sampling in pharmaceuticals.

The purpose of this procedure is to establish a system for cleaning of sampling tools used for sampling.

This procedure is applicable for all sampling tools to be used for raw material sampling by Quality Control Department.


4.1 Avoid used of any material corrosive to sampling tools.

4.2 Avoid use of any sharp object to rub or scrub out sticky materials.

4.3 Use non-shedding clean nylon brush, non-scratching to stainless steel tools.

4.4 Used non-shedding clean duster.

4.5 Use gloves, masks and overall

5.1 Lab Analyst is responsible for cleaning of sampling tools

5.3. Quality Control officer is responsible for checking the procedure.

Head of the Department

7.1 Collect all tools in a basket.

7.2 Tag the basket with “TO BE CLEANED” label.

7.3 Transfer the basket to the washing area.

7.4 Collect a nylon brush and a clean duster from storage area.

7.5 Take hot water in basin to emerge whole surface of tools.

7.6 Wait for 5 – 10 minutes.

7.7 Take them out of water.

7.8 Flush with running Nano pure water/purified water ensure free from sampled material

7.9 Mop them with dry and clean non-shedding duster to remove water from surface.

7.10 Keep all tools in the basket after drying with compressed air and with ethanol. Rap the tools with Aluminum foil or polyethylene.           

7.11 Check them visually for cleaning and dying.

7.12 Tag the basket with ‘CLEANED’ label.        

 8.1 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

8.2 QC: Quality Control

9.1 Annexure -1: ‘CLEANED’ Label Model

Annexure for cleaning of sampling tools

cleaning of sampling tools
cleaning of sampling tools
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